American Extension Fighting – Nothing to Lose

Updated: January 24, 2015

Learn the most Modern & Innovated Self-Defense System of our times. “American extension Fighting” has been developed over the last forty years and is now being offered to the public!

This Modern Martial Arts System has been field tested in the streets, the ring and in combat, by professional UFC Fighters, Special Forces, Army Rangers, Foreign Commandos, Navy Seals, Government Secret Agents. In the streets the tactical and technical application of these simple, but dynamic techniques and combinations have proven effective psychologically and physical.  Avoid being bullied, being attacked or worse being raped.

Men and Women both will learn to walk with confidence and survive the most brutal attacks from crazies, crooks and criminals. Don’t be bullied anymore!

You will learn what really works, what martial arts instructors, Grand Masters MMA Gym’s and street fighters have been instructing, teaching and coaching for many of years, without the fluff. You will be able to face your fears and effectively defend yourself by breaking down and disrupting and defeating your attackers.

Put your fears aside!