The Tenets of American Extension Fighting

Updated: January 1, 2015


2015-04-21 05.44.35American Extension Fighting is the first American Style Fighting Art incorporating Full Spectrum Mixed Martial Arts training. A.E.F. includes MMA Sports System Training, Mixed Bag of Street Techniques, Government Agency and Combat Arms Close Quarters Combat for Urban Conflict, Jungle Warfare, Structure Breaching and Clearing (Door Kicking) and Back Ally Brawling.

The Course Curriculum has been developed in Beginner, Middle and Advanced levels, including train the trainer programs allowing one to set, instruct their own courses, consulting and webinar classes.

You will learn how to strike first with effective devastating techniques when cornered, stop advancing, surprise and wild ass bull rushing attackers, from strikes armed and unarmed as well as defend against the take down. You will also learn how to defend and recover from ground fighting situations. This will take place with street and improvised weapons as well as being unarmed.

You will learn how to train to be effective in real work street and battlefield combat. This is a reality based system taught for survival and fitness.

The 10 Tenets of American Extension Fighting

  1. Real fights are to be avoided. If you must fight make sure the fight is being forced on you. Fight only to protect yourself, your loved ones, your friends and for those who cannot defend themselves.
  2. Real fights have no rules.
  3. Real fights are fast and violent.
  4. Real fights are won by the smartest, calmest and not always by the biggest, strongest or meanest fighter.
  5. Real fights may involve more than one attacker.
  6. Real fights may involve improvised or expedient weapons.
  7. Real fights may end up on the ground and often do.
  8. Real fights may involve punching, kicking, grabbing and grappling.
  9. With proper training, women are as every bit as capable a fighter as men.
  10. Real fights are unpredictable. The uncommon often becomes the common. Remember professionals are predictable and the world is full of amateurs.

Smokey West’s, American Extension Fighting, is a modern, state of the arts, Martial Arts/Close Quarters Combat & Self-defense System. The basis for this system of defense and fighting is to provide solutions for any encounter involving self-defensive solutions, in the streets, ring or battle field. Smokey has field tested all techniques and training solutions, in the street, gym, ring and battlefield.
American extension Fighting has more than 40 years of experience and has been under development for the last 23 years. The technical training and improved techniques have been designed to bridge the gap from the ancient Masters to the Modern Day Warrior. This overarching approach to defense identifies the gap or what any one style or system leaves out and provides solutions. American extension Fighting is a complete fighting and self-defense system leaving no unanswered defensive solutions. You will also learn what type of fighter you are and how to identify the type of fighter or attacker you encounter within seconds, make adjustments and win! Knowledge and Relaxation are the Keys to Success.
If you are even thinking about looking into training but not sure, I was recently touched by a story of a New York 16 year old girl who was intimidated and forcibly led to several buildings so her predator could rape her. As I reflect on this story, there were so many simple solutions to get her out of this situation before she met her demise. My training can help young women, college students, professional fighters, older individuals, disabled and law enforcement professionals. Contact me to find out more.