Fight or Flight Q&A 1: How do I defend myself against an attacker?

Updated: March 17, 2015

Women being attacked

My biggest fear is being attacked from behind and grabbed around the neck. What if they have a knife to my throat if these happened? Is there any specific training or legal weapons one can use to protect you with? I have tried some self-defense and rape prevention classes and the information doesn’t seem to be real and effective.

Here it is, first and foremost you have to develop a mindset of thinking it can happen to you. Without the proper mindset it is difficult to develop the right intention and attitude to be effective regardless of a self-defense course. Think about a 10’ circle of awareness and if someone enters that circle for any reason you have to turn up your awareness level from casual observance to higher threat level. If anyone gets closer than that and any closer than an arm’s reach to you, then I recommend, perceiving an immediate danger. It is difficult to stay on a high alert level for long periods of time. It is always advisable to travel in pairs even though this is not always realistic.

If you have allowed someone to get too close or worse behind you, because you were not aware, maybe texting, then you must be prepared to fight for your life, “No Holds Barred”.

If you are grabbed from behind around the neck;

  • Tuck your chin tightly to your chest
  • Reach up and grab their arm around your neck and grab hold
  • lift both feet of the ground by bending at the knees
  • Go a little crazy with kicking your heels back and forth while attempting to heel kick him in the groin. Shins are ok also. (Keep kicking)
  • If you can scream, be loud and try and use either hand to scratch at his eyes.
  • If he bends forward at the waist because he is virtually holding you up and trying to protect his groin, then attempt to use the back of your head to head butt him.
  • Don’t stop until he lets go.

If you are carrying a knife or dart of some sort always attempt to stick him in his arms, hands and if needed his face and eyes. I doubt they will be expecting you to fight so hard, putting them on the defense and scaring them. Loud noise attracts unwanted attention and all the kicking, head butting and eye clawing will take him by surprise, normal sending them on the run. If you run away, look for well-lit and open locations. If you are in a parking lot run between two closely parked cars making sure multiple attackers have trouble ganging up on you. This will funnel them into a single file. Be smart a plan your routes in advance give yourself and alternate solution when you catch yourself approaching an unsafe area. Remember there is always more than one way to achieve your goals, learning improvised weapons could be a great place to start. Self-defense courses are recommended. The more you know the calmer you will be under fire.



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