Real World Defense For a Knife Attack

Updated: September 10, 2015

Lima Bravo, thanks for asking about real world defense for a knife attack. This is a good question and I have been involved two times in real fights with guys with knives, never a gun. With the knife there is never a real world plan as I had things happen so fast. From my training the technical stuff that gave me an advantage it was controlling the distance and working an angle away from his knife hand. The next thing I did was take my jacket and throw it on top of his head, blocking his vision. He reacted and used both hands very quickly to get the jacket out of his eyes and face. While he was occupied I did a stomp kick to the inside of his lead ankle causing his ankle to roll over. As he stumbled, I crossed shins and grabbed the back of his head, at the same time blocking his knife arm and throwing him down on his face. This was something akin to a Russian arm bar. Moving off at an angle, controlling the distance and throwing my jacket for a hands up distraction bought me enough time to use trained techniques to control him. At the end of the day he actually ended up with a broken arm, a sprained ankle and a fractured cheekbone. My best advise is find an object that you can use to twart the attack like a jacket, coat, bottle, chair or look at your surroundings if outdoors and scan for any object you can first pick up and strike with, like car keys…etc.


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