The Fleeting American Dream, We The People, Our Constitution, or Are We?

Updated: August 17, 2015

Recently I was having a conversation about the recent political debates with a younger person, when I realized why it is so difficult to get them to see the same visions of the Fleeting American Dream, We The People, Our Constitution.

As we noted so many years ago when the gas prices were much cheaper and the price of living was such that one parent could work and the other stay with the kids at home, building true family values. You could open a five and dime store or an ice cream parlor, drive a gas guzzling muscle car and much more. I remember watching the first man on the moon. I went to Germany in the early 70’s after I re-enlisted in the military. The currency exchange rate was favorable to the US Dollar, unlike today. I remember we used to think about how bad it was in 1974. Gas was $3.00+ we waited in gas lines for the odd an even plates to get gas, and the Europeans were driving small economical cars for more gas mileage. We thought how good we had it back home in the USA. I look around today in 2015 and we are exactly where the Europeans were 40 years ago. I guess it took some time, but the progressives and socialists have finally arrived in the USA and have convinced the American People that higher taxes and less take home pay is good for us. You know the current administration is actually re-writing the American history to change the constitution, so our American history starts after the civil war negating taxation without representation and the free market, remember that? I fully expect the sleeping giant to keep sleeping as the people try to elect Hillary Clinton into the White House and appoint her Husband, good old Bill, to the United Nations to complete the rollout of control over our population, black, white, Asian, American Indian, Spanish and the rest. I imagine at our current rate of indoctrination we should have something like a Martial and a Common Law State by 2017.

I was specifically making a comment about Bernie Sanders coming out and openly running as a Socialist. So I made the comment about how he should move to Canada or Italy. Obviously he would struggle if he were an everyday person and not an elite bastard like so many other politicians, living on the hard work of those attempting to now live the American dream, but struggling due to taxes, high food and gas prices, Obama care. I further stated how frustrating it was watching the American dream get flushed down the toilet by greedy elite politicians. I reiterated that socialism never really works out when the elitists have spent all of your money, not in Italy and not in Canada and more. Then it all became a reality when he said to me the following, “if I was close to Canada and had a medical condition, I would cross the border and get free medical care”. That’s a pretty good system where you can get free medical. Then I thought … OMG we are doomed. I heard 81% of the media is controlled by the socialist Democratic Party, and the EPA is spiraling out of control. I can’t drive by a fossil fuel (coal) power plant still in operation. We have stopped building nuclear power plants, we can barely drill for oil and now we have a standardized core curriculum being driven by the government to completely eradicate our constitution as it was originally written. My friends own mother cannot get proper medical treatment, due to the affordable care act driving the costs and deductibles so high, it would be better for her to quit work and give up that whopping $18.00 per hour to qualify for “Free” medical care. Our Government has rendered many proud self-performing hard working Americans into submission and are now ready to give up their jobs because they simply can’t afford medical.

Here we have politicians making on average about $185,000 per year and owning 5 or 6 houses, real estate with some multimillion dollar homes. When they retire they receive about $150,000 retirement and don’t have to rely on social security and have free medical, but we sure do. No wonder they don’t care about this aspect of the aging population. Holy crap, these elite bastards are making the poor by giving to the rich, under the guise of telling Americans the only way they can live is due to the government providing an infrastructure.

Now every time I turn on the news now all I hear is “black lives matter” we are so politically correct now we can say, if black lives matter, then blacks should stop killing blacks and whites should stop killing whites. I do believe all lives matter! This crap is way out of control. I can sense the Old School Politicians trying to push through to completion this progressive, socialist agenda to place themselves in an elite and very controlling position. I believe many of them are actually Marxist. I guess what I am saying we are living in a very sad state of affairs. Because of the EPA and other Government Regulatory Agencies, we have placed more value on that of a Red Bird or Owl than we have for human life.

What have we done to our once beautiful country, and of the free and home of the brave? Are we really free? Big brother has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and we are paying for it. I remember as a child, if a police car pulled into the neighborhood, we would run up to them just to say hello. I remember how proud it made me feel reading their logo, “Protect and Defend”. Now when the pull into the neighborhood or behind even the most law abiding citizens, we get nervous and make mistakes, wondering the whole time what have I done, do I have my license on me and more.

We are becoming a scared nation as illegal and undocumented people are crossing our boarders unchecked. I could imagine what would happen if we were to get caught sneaking into most other countries. We just give them a place to live, telephone, “free” medical and now pay for their education. Oh let’s not forget the ones that are going to jail. Yup, that’s what our tax money is paying for. This is ridiculous and scary. We have lost many of our rights along with our ability to become energy free while we keep our enemies afloat by buying our oil from them. I could go on, but I won’t. Clearly we have a lot to think about when it comes to raising your children and their futures. I guess you should make a professional athlete, singer, or IT expert if you want for them to get ahead. The rest are pretty much doomed to live like they do in China or the Soviet Union. It’s not that great. I had to get something out. I hope we are smart enough to do the right thing moving forward. Good luck all.