Thoughts During My Workout Last Night – Part 2

Updated: March 25, 2015

I have trained with Olympic boxing coaches, professional world champion boxers, karate Greats like Joe Lewis and Bill Super Foot Wallace.

In turn I have trained two UFC fighters, Vale tudo champions, professional boxers and many more for all aspects of defense, including Navy Seals, Green Berets, CIA Operators and foreign commandos. I have also trained a share of female fighters all seen on TV, HBO and pay-per-view.

At the end of it all after more than 47 years of experience and 23 years in development, I have come full circle, leaving the dark side and developed a complete training system for all. I am the founder of the American Extension Fighting. This is a complete comprehensive system of fighting solutions, covering all forms of fighting and defense. You can learn real world defense while getting in great physical condition. You can learn to fight, without fighting. At the end of the day you will be “Fit-to-Fight”.

As a part of my initial agreement for my upcoming DVD and Book by Jack Murphy, I have been training hard. I feel if you are going to teach and train others you should at least lead from the front. At 60 years old, I know it is possible to get into or back in great shape. I still have a long way to go myself, but this only provides me with inspiration and incentive.  I still live with the mindset where quitting was never an option.  This spirit has re-awakened the drive I had which was to push longer and harder without rest. And to answer any skeptic’s question if you think you can’t do this….even a 60 years old man who deals with combat injuries  every day… anyone…. young, older, disabled, male, female, the timid or weak can do this.  It takes drive, desire and passion to want to be “fit to fight” even if you never have to fight!

I find a lot of old memories going through my mind when I am hitting the bag and I am dead tired. I found a group of civilians to workout with and train. They want to be a part of the Jim “Smokey” West’s American Extension Fighting System. While I was pushing myself, I found myself pushing these guys beyond their limits.

In retrospective view I felt like I was pushing theses civilians too hard. I will typically take them beyond their physical limits. One of the guys asked me  if didn’t I think I could teach more and create an environment where they could do a little more step by step learning, so they could learn better and not discourage them. This was a very intense question as my background was geared towards survival, both on the battle field and in the streets. The particular work out, I was involved in was more of train the trainer, basically for me and those who would like to contribute and become a part of the program by becoming a black belt and a trainer of A.E.F. (American Extension Fighting) .

After some thought, the answer was YES, I can. This has lead me to analyze my Extension Fighting Program that was developed over 20 years ago and keep its core principles but develop an adjunct program  for training principles that will work for everyone at any level of development


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