Thoughts During My Workout Last Night – Part 3

Updated: April 23, 2015

My first thought was, I have to be able to teach and lead from the front. As I work out I am recalling many different aspects of my former life.  A good part of this is the PTSD that exists in my everyday life.  The funny thing is, those with me don’t realize, I am hurting with them, I just don’t show it. I took a further look back and felt this was a due to my upbringing, my Special Forces and fight training and my combat experiences. It is my opinion that typical Special Ops guys have a high pain threshold and tend to relate their physical and mental actions to their old training days when quitting was never an option. We always learned to push longer and harder without rest.

  • When I was packing up after training, I made the comment to the guys, as they both were completely worn out and pushed past their physical limits. “Look guys, when I was going through combat diver training, we were worked out and was physically pushed beyond our limits as a proving ground every day for weeks on end, and that was before we even put a little toe in the water. We had to be in shape to get in shape”. Basically there has always been one simple rule “never quit”.
  • I said, could you imagine quitting under fire? In a fire fight, ring or street fight? You simply lose. Could you imagine losing in a street fight or when you are being mugged, raped or robbed?
  • I guess the point is keep moving, just keep your feet moving.
  • I realized one of the guys, the most experienced fighter, who actually is a trainer for many different Government groups and agents, is the one most stationary and moves the least, great defensive posture, but no footwork or movement, just making him a target under fire.

So he and I talked about “manning up” and wanting to engage and stay in the fight, you know that macho thing most men possess. This is critical and can be self-defeating. Sometime we want to be a little bit macho and defiant, just standing in one place, firm to the ground, in a defense position, ready to block and counter ouch! I realized much like being in a real fire fight you must continue to fire, cover and move/maneuver. The longer you stay in one place the sooner someone will figure out your defense and continue fire or punch at you and take away your defense. Fights consist of two things, offense and defense. Should you fail at any one of these you will probably fail in your effort to survive and win. I am also guilty of wanting to stand in your face and show you how tough I am. Truth be told, this is pretty stupid and I have the scars to prove it. I still won the fights, but received plenty of damage in route. This damage that could have been easily avoided, if I wasn’t so stubborn, and stuck the basic principles of movement.

The basic principles of movement; if you can’t MOVE your feet, because of a disability or maybe you have been grabbed or taken to the ground, then MOVE your body parts, wiggle your neck and head while shrugging your shoulders upward towards your neck and ears, making it difficult to be hit or choked. Drop your weight by bending your knees really fast. If you are on your back, wiggle your hips and roll your shoulder towards your chest, so your back isn’t flat on the ground, giving your opponent a flat table to mount.  It is all about MOVEMENT.  You want to rock and roll left and right while bucking your hips up like and hard and fast upward hip thrust, the whole time trying to put your fingers in his eyes or rake his eyes to create a moment of defense or escape.  You only need a moment to turn things around. If your attacker tries to smother you bite him and go back to the eye attack. Just don’t quit or give up.


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