Thoughts During My Workout Last Night – Part 6

Updated: May 14, 2015

The light of hope has always been there for you too. It is easier to see when you take care of your mind and body. One of the best ways is through training and mental focus.  Face it when you look good you will feel good. I am not necessarily speaking about the total physical aspect, as looking good includes the mental aspect.  If you think you are good, then you are good.  It NEVER matters what you perceive others think about you but your own positive mental outlook makes you look heads above anyone else!!!   The fight training gives you a real sense of accomplishment both physically and mentally. You will become what you train to do.

Just staying with my roots and being mainly on auto pilot with my military background, getting up early and going to work, has allowed me through the grace of God and a never quit attitude to start turning my life around and having positive thoughts again. Of course there has been some anger management and lots of therapy along the way. Remember I am a combat veteran. And the military didn’t prepare me for the civilian world. There are many who have never felt the sting of combat, rape, assault, crime, and simply do not understand.

I held on long enough to be recognized by former friends and students and master instructors. Being mentioned in Dale Comstock’s book, “The American Badass” and The American Open Style Karate System has promoted me to a 10th Dan (Grand Master) for my accomplishments. Now I am becoming a personality with Radio Pod casts and being interviewed on Sirius Radio.

When Jack Murphy stepped into my life wanting to write my story, my memoirs, he has really re-ignited my drive and never quit attitude. When I met Jack for the first time, I had not worked out in years, my cholesterol was high and my waist was fat. I had failed relationships a few bar fights and was living in my mental cave, somewhat unsocial, not wanting much interaction with people.

Work has been kicking me in the ass. I have been dealing with civilian construction workers that don’t want to follow the rules. I transitioned my civilian life to be a Safety Manager, currently employed by a major U.S. construction company.  I guess protecting others is what I have been trained and destined to do, but the powers to be in the corporate world don’t see it the same way I have been bred in terms of my work ethic and responsibility.   Keep in mind that I have been following military rules most of my life and have been trained to protect others; my team, my detail, or whatever assignment I had.  All to protect my country the U.S. A., others and my company.   After working for over 12 years with my current employer I still cannot comprehend why even some high level company staff members don’t want things to run right.  My job is to protect my Company, to protect others, the laborers who may be in jeopardy to be injured, or killed and not go home to their families who are counting on them;  I feel like I am only holding on until the end. Whatever that is, I am ready but not without a FIGHT!  My words of wisdom to you is to NEVER GIVE UP!!, Personally, professionally and however you interpret either one of those main aspects of your life.  Reflect and think about what you need to do to survive!


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