Thoughts During My Workout Last Night – Part 7

Updated: May 21, 2015

Jack had a simple request for me in order to write my story. He wanted me to train him. Once again this took me back to my roots once I started training and training others. My lady Linda got me a gym membership and has also pushed me back into the gym.

I feel I am getting lost in my new motivation, with a book on the horizon and having to be back in public and in front of people as a leader in both fighting arts, Construction Safety, health and helping others with PTSD.

It is my training and training others now that have me pulling it out and making sense of it all, being more responsible with the fight knowledge I possess.  Psychologically I feel the best way to train, is to train under fire and push myself and others around me as if my life depends on it, because it does.

I worry about balance between physical and mental health as I re-invent myself, taking the old and blending it with the new. My challenge is keeping it real, but peaceful. Fight training and talking about some of my past with respect to combat operations, to Jack and others throws me back in time, when I am only trying to bring forward the action items that have kept me alive. My very aggressive nature seems to come back to me as fast as a right cross.  This is where balance come into main focus.

There is a balance and I learned this from my students. I have found so many respectful people and warriors, both wanting to learn, how to survive in combat, in the streets and in their life through a good fitness fight training program as well as a wellness and mental training.  Knowledge is the key. The students of American Extension Fighting and others knowing of my background and expertise, ask the best questions.  Almost all of these inquires revolve around real world concerns; about health both physical and mental, training and fitness. Every time I get challenged with a dynamic question, my responses are raw and real always based on experience.

So, to answer the questions about being able to teach others in a way they feel they can learn better, the answer is YES. The part that is easy to explain, but at times difficult to do, is get people to push beyond their limits. The reason is that personal pride can blind some of us. If you set a goal, the idea is to accomplish your goal. For example, if you set a goal of 50 squats or push-ups, the training method is to complete all 50 repetitions. Like hitting a heavy bag, if you set your goal as 4 x 3minute rounds, you must complete all four rounds.

I found my students attempting to maintain the same weights or pace and intensity for each repetition or round on a heavy bag. It must be coached and understood, if you have to lighten up you pace or intensity, no harm and no fowl, do so but complete your task number or time. In doing so you may have slowed down or lighten up, but you will have completed your goals. You still can be successful.. just complete whatever level of intensity in the timeframe set.  You are SUCCESSFUL. Time means everything.   If you cut a 3 minute round down to 2 minutes because you are tired, this is failing and you start to develop a losing attitude and one that will quit when it is important. Simply slow your punches and intensity and reduce your power levels and complete the 3 minutes for example. So when training if you run out of gas, this doesn’t mean you have to quit, just change your pace and loads.

The way we train, you will develop a sense of accomplishment every time you complete a workout. Your goals are always met, even if your goals are set slow at first. By goal setting, you will attain your optimum fitness levels through fight training. Whether you are 20 or in your 60’s, just complete your workout in the time allowed and have fun!  You can have the same mind set as a combat diver or professional fighter. In my mind this is a win, win!


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