What are some ways that a civilian person can actively build his mental resilience?

Updated: June 21, 2015

 Question submitted by Johann S. .

Mental resilience is a tough one. I kind of grew up in a harsh environment and once I entered the military I became more determined and even more once I joined Special Forces. You have to know what you want i.e. mental toughness. Stress is the key. I think in the beginning you should establish goals. If you wanted to run 5 minute miles for example set a time and a distance and start running. If you come up short, repeat this and increase your stride a little each day. What I mean if you are running at a pace of 32 steps a minute and you are running slow, maintain the pace and increase your speed by lengthening your stride. At the end of each run do 10 winds sprints until you are clearing the phlegm from your lungs. if 10 is the number, no matter how fast or slow do all 10. Take physical task running or hitting a heavy bag set a time and an expectation and push harder every day and be relentless, even if you feel you are not strong. When you feel like quitting, do more.