Surprise Attacks, Assaults, Getting Caught Off-Guard

Updated: October 29, 2015

Not paying attention while walking may open you up to surprise attacks, assaults while being caught off-guard.

1. Create a Shield: If you are walking with your guard down and not really paying attention to your threat surroundings, which many of us do from time to time and someone jumps out at you or swings at you unexpectedly, 1st thing to do is to create a shield and do not cower. It seem our natural instinct is to close our eyes or look away in a leaning or bent over fashion hoping the initial impact won’t hurt and maybe I will survive and hopefully they will stop striking me. Figure the odds. Trust me it will only go from bad to worse if you do nothing!

  • It’s ok to put your hands in front of your face and even lean away. This must be done in a way as not to block your own vision and maintaining your balance at all costs. If you are attacked and caught off guard, it’s ok to jerk your hands up between you and your attacker and it’s ok to step back. Hell it is also ok to bull rush straight into him crashing the party. Just keep your hands up and elbows close to your sides.3
  • I will add if your attacker hits you so unexpectedly it causes you to lose your balance, then I would recommend you’re falling onto your back and keep your attacker at your feet. Many times I would recommend you carrying some sort of an improvised weapon, knife or other item, you will have a second to get to it if you practice.2.

Creating a shield between you and an attacker can minimize the initial impact. What is important is to keep moving and if need be screaming and immediately try using your fear and turn that moment of impact and assault into a winning situation. Never cower or give up!

James Smokey West

10/28/2015     ©


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