Extension Fighting’s Venus Fly Trap

Updated: April 15, 2020

Yesterday, Jim and I briefly met at a Delaware rest stop. Smokey had offered to lend me a heavy bag, with the dual purpose of augmenting my stay-at-home training and alleviating some of the vexatious monotony of my domestic lazaretto. After making the handoff, we stood in the parking lot for about 30 minutes, going over some advanced concepts relating to tactics and strategy inside the Extension Fighting Frame. What materialized was a lesson in what Jim calls the Venus Fly Trap.

There are many weapons at one’s disposal inside the Box, and AEF students develop their own, intuitive approach to how they put their combinations together. Of course, there are always preferred SOPs such as targeting universal vulnerabilities and mixing up your attacks across anatomical planes, but these are guidelines, not step-by-step instructions. AEF’s systems-focused approach relies on “you doing you.” What’s most important is understanding the powerful and revolutionary usage of torque, momentum, and weight shifting. The footwork is subtle but essential; it not only enables proper mechanics but draws your opponent in, trapping them inside a flurry of intimate offense — hence, the Venus Fly Trap. Executing this approach effectively requires an understanding not only of the devastating offensive weapons you have at your disposal and the proper mechanical execution of said techniques, but a predictive visualization of your opponent’s natural reactions. The Fly Trap depends on set-ups, baiting your opponent with body pressure into committing fatal errors — which all happens nose-to-nose. The resulting domination and devastation is unlike anything I have seen in any other striking art.

I myself am incredibly excited to start exposing more people to the Extension Fighting way once we all make it through this trying period in global history.


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