Modern American Gun Slinger

Updated: March 5, 2016

I am Smokey, an American Modern Gun Slinger and awhile back I was in a discussion with Dean Horine and Jimmy Curly of, talking about fighting, when I made the comment “it’s a lot like shooting a gun” “smooth is fast”. At this point they made the said I have so much fight experience, they sometimes forget I am a retired “Gun Slinger”. I am a retired Special Operations Technician and Combat veteran. From this point they encouraged me to write an article about being in a Modern Day Gun Fight and staying calm while under fire. Here is the end result of our collaborative conversation and efforts. This is a 30 page training manual named “The Modern American Gun Slinger”. This manual will teach you what the best combat shooters in the world know. All you have to do is read and practice the techniques you will learn from this training manual. Check out the link and find practical training for shooting a gun.


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James “Smokey” West